Ant Control

Ant infestations are one of the most common pest problems. Without the help of a professional ant exterminator, ant control can be frustrating and never-ending. With fire ants and carpenter ants in Florida, it can be overwhelming to know how to deal with ant problems on your own. Our ant control program is done four times a year with insecticides that are specially formulated to target and control ants.

Most species of ants are primarily a nuisance and aren’t typically dangerous. Other types, though, can be destructive or dangerous. Carpenter ants tunnel through and destroy wood structures while fire ants are known to administer a painful sting. No matter what species of ant you’re dealing with, effective ant removal always requires the help of an expert.

Treatment includes:

  • Insecticide spray throughout treatment area including the perimeter of buildings, flower beds, mulch areas, and along walk and driveways.
  • Granular treatment to ant mounds, the perimeter of buildings, the base of trees, and flower beds.

We guarantee our work. If you have a problem in between your scheduled treatments, we will re-treat the problem area at no additional cost to you.

We do not charge any additional fees to initiate service and you are not obligated to sign any contracts that lock you into a service agreement. If you are unhappy with our service you may terminate treatment at any time.

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