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Peace of mind that your home is protected.

lawn & Ornamentals

Our maintenance programs keep your home protected year-round.

Termite Control & Prevention

Protect one of your biggest investments, your home against unwanted pests. 

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home pest control

No homeowner wants to deal with a pest infestation. Unfortunately, pest problems are a fact of life in Florida year-round. When it comes to the safety of your home and family, it’s important to work with a professional pest control service to prevent infestations before they start!

Our residential pest control specialists will work with you to design a custom home pest control plan suited to your unique needs. With regular inspections and effective treatments, our goal is to provide you with pest-free living all year long.


General Household Pest Program

General Household Pest Control Programs – controls and prevents household pests such as roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, etc.

Inside the Walls Pest Program

The full perimeter treatment system is installed during home construction allowing for no-hassle quarterly maintenance.

Other Services

Ant Control, Rodent Control, Flea and Tick Treatments, Mosquito Control, Removal of Nuisance Bees & Stinging Insects

Lawn Care Program

The full program includes:

Granular Fertilizer, Nutritional Spray, Turf Destroying Insecticide, Fungus Control, and Weed Control

Ornamental Program

The full program includes:

Insecticide and Fungicide, Nutritional Spray, Granular Fertilizer

Other Services

Citrus & Palm Tree Care

Subterranean Termite Control

  • Inspections
  • Pre-construction and Post-construction Treatments
  • Protection Plans and Warranty
  • Termidor Certified Professional

Drywood Termite Control

  • Inspections
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Protection Plans and Warranty

Other Wood Destroying Pests

  • Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borers, etc.
  • Inspections
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Treatments
  • Protection Plans and Warranty

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