Ornamental Care Program

We also offer an ornamental care program that is done four times per year.

Treatment includes:

  1. A systemic insecticide and fungicide spray that will be applied four times per year as a preventative measure to control any ornamental destroying insect or damaging fungus.
  2. A granular fertilizer specially formulated for ornamentals, this will be applied two times per year.

Treatment Schedule: (may vary based on needs)

January Spray
April Spray & Fertilizer
July Spray
October Spray & Fertilizer

We guarantee our work, if you have a problem in between your scheduled treatments, we will re-treat the problem area at no additional cost to you.

We do not charge any additional fees to initiate service and you are not obligated to sign any contracts that lock you into a service agreement. If you are unhappy with our service you may terminate treatment at any time.