General Household Pest Control Program

Our General Household Pest Program provides for the control of all household pests, such as roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, etc. This program does not include the control of fleas, ticks, or rodents.

Treatment includes:

  1. Complete inspection of the treatment area to indentify any high problem areas.
  2. Complete baseboard spray throughout the home, including garage, patio or porch, and storage areas.
  3. Bait treatments to your high problem areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, underneath sinks, closets, and storage areas.
  4. Spraying the exterior including doors, eves, windows, entryways, soffit, and fascia areas.
  5. Granular insecticide application to the perimeter of the structure.
  6. Attic space treatment. (Recommended once-a-year, Additional Cost)

We guarantee our work, if you have a problem in between your scheduled treatments, we will re-treat the problem area at no additional cost to you.

Service is provided on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) and the office will call you prior to a service visit to schedule a convenient appointment time with you.

We do not charge any additional fees to initiate service and you are not obligated to sign any contracts that lock you into a service agreement. If you are unhappy with our service you may terminate treatment at any time.